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Customizable Payments Designed To Monetize Any Software

Argus Technology Group (ATG) helps you integrate industry-leading APIs to maximize your software’s payment options. Lightning fast and frictionless onboarding, streamlined dedicated support, global payouts with same day or next day settlements, cryptocurrency… you name it, we offer it! Elevate your customer experience by simplifying your  Payments landscape

Effortlessly Enhance Your Software With Cutting Edge Payment Features

Our all-inclusive operation prioritizes your customers while increasing your revenue

Now is the time to scale your software by giving clients what they want – easy access to high-level payment experiences! We offer traditional payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and ACH as well as alternative payment methods, like Cryptocurrency, BuyNow Pay Later and PayPal

With expanded opportunities comes top-tier confidentiality. Small, medium, and large businesses complete expedited payments through one technologically advanced source – ATG! We minimize your need for multiple technology partners by centralizing finance solutions.

Let us help you leverage global banking opportunities through easily integrated technology.

Our Payments Features

Payments As A Service

We manage the liabilities so you can focus on running a successful business!

ATG offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions that can be easily integrated into any software system. Our PaaS product gives you the flexibility to identify approvable merchants, establish a convenient merchant settlement period, and set mutually beneficial pricing options.

With a customized application link, you can easily provide your merchants with tier 1 support.


Increased Revenue

With ATG, you can customize every payment option and accept hundreds of different global currencies. When new offerings are available, you’ll be the first to know!

Our competitive revenue-sharing options give you the ability to capitalize on your software’s value. We will establish a set buy rate for each unique transaction that aligns perfectly with the necessary process volume. From cost-plus to subscription-based models, we have a plan for you.

Depending on the services your business provides, you can receive up to 100% of the payment revenue. This is the fastest, most effective way to create multiple streams of income, implement a processing discount, or create a product differentiator with merchant services.

Machine Learning Algorithm

Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm is programmed to learn your customers and their spending habits. This allows us to offer predictive analytics and recommendations on how to increase customer satisfaction and grow your business.

In addition, our AI-driven platform can identify cost-saving opportunities for your merchant customers. We will route their transactions to the lowest-cost interchange platform available, which will save them money or increase their processing margins.

Global Foorprint

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What Our Customers Say About Their World-Class Payment Experience

Our internationally acclaimed software is making every form of payment possible

Latest News

Make Secure Money Moves In A Fraction Of The Time

Building a loyal client base just got easier! Our end-to-end platform manages your non-negotiable commerce solutions to keep clients coming back for more. By simplifying the payment process, you will enjoy increased customer satisfaction and conversions.

ATG is your sole source for all things payments, so you can focus on developing other areas of your business. We take on compliance and risk while you take care of what you do best!

Payments As A Service

Our PaaS product allows you to identify merchants you want approved, establish the merchant settlement period and set pricing. We will provide you with a customized application link for you to send to your merchants and we provide tier 1 merchant support.

Revenue Stream

ATG will establish a set buy rate on the transactions and volume processed, based on the services offered receive up to 100% of the revenue. Use those funds as a income stream or use those funds as a processing discount; create a product differentiator with merchant services.

Machine Learning Algorithm

When you transactions hit our platform our artificial intelligence learns your customers, so that we can understand if their transaction fit into your normal usage. We also use our algorithm to route your transaction to the lowest costing interchange platform. Save you customers money or increase you processing margins.