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Omni-Channel Payments

For card and card-free payments, our system is equipped to serve your customers whether they are in-store, online, or on the go. As multiple shopping channels are ever-present in the marketplace, our global payouts ensure your revenue is never restricted.

Bring the power of Argus to your point-of-sale and turn every transaction into an opportunity for growth. With our easy-to-use APIs, you can start processing payments in as little as 24 hours!

Intelligent ML/AI Transaction Routing

Our machine learning algorithm transforms information gathered from the merchant and cardholder to route the payment through the least expensive cost network for each transaction. This is how we prioritize reducing transaction costs and increasing your conversions.

ALG’s ML system simplifies the identification and refusal of fraudulent transactions. Our platform uses associated verification criteria to form risk profiles that are readily applied when rating the security of every transaction.

Crypto Currency Settlements / Blockchain Offerings

Our state-of-the-art technology is equipped to support cryptocurrency transactions.

Collect payments, send billing invoices, convert payouts to fiat currency, or keep the currency the currency to invest back into your business. The choice is yours! We provide a wide selection of crypto coins and a seamless payment flow to optimize the user experience.

Compliant Card Vault

Our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant card vault allows you to store and tokenize your customers’ payment data allowing you to offer the allusive 1-click checkout. Use these tokens for on-demand payments as well as recurring payments for subscription-based transactions.

Same Day / Next
Day Settlement

Our experts ensure the money gets to you on your schedule. We operate with a real-time payment network to settle funds for our merchants within hours of the transaction. With ATG’s customizable design, you choose when merchants receive their payout.

Business Intelligence
and Reporting

As your central interface for all payment transactions, we make your payment flows fully transparent. With our integrated reporting tools you have immediate access to all critical KPIs at a glance and you can easily customize your own insightful dashboard views. Our post processing engine automates all you reconciliation and settlement workflows. You can optimize the complex process of exchanging and matching up transaction data with third party systems.

What Are You Waiting For

The payments landscape can be complicated and tricky. With Argus Technology Group, we offer you a simple API to get integrated and started easily.

Payments As A Service

Our PaaS product allows you to identify merchants you want approved, establish the merchant settlement period and set pricing. We will provide you with a customized application link for you to send to your merchants and we provide tier 1 merchant support.

Revenue Stream

ATG will establish a set buy rate on the transactions and volume processed, based on the services offered receive up to 100% of the revenue. Use those funds as a income stream or use those funds as a processing discount; create a product differentiator with merchant services.

Machine Learning Algorithm

When you transactions hit our platform our artificial intelligence learns your customers, so that we can understand if their transaction fit into your normal usage. We also use our algorithm to route your transaction to the lowest costing interchange platform. Save you customers money or increase you processing margins.